How does Station A work?

We're an analysis platform and marketplace that streamlines renewable energy procurement. We use our patented, AI-powered software to crunch the data and our online marketplace to source competitive project bids at speed and scale.

Here are the steps we use to help your source a renewable energy project quickly and reliably. 

1. Get your free clean energy grade for a building or an entire portfolio.   

Station A clean energy grades predict the likelihood that a clean energy investment will pay back financially. All we need is your property's address or the addresses of your portfolio of properties. We leverage our patented analysis-tools to significantly reduce the time it takes you to identify your best clean energy options. 

2. Generate and launch a digital RFP for your best project(s)

Our digital Request for Proposal (RFP) process asks the right questions to reduce risk and organize a transparent and competitive bidding process in your favor. We then publish and promote your RFP to our network of 2000+ vetted clean energy providers. A dedicated Station A advisor is with you along the way to review your RFP and ensure you have a successful bidding process.

3. Select the best provider via our competitive marketplace

Instead of sorting through stacks of PDFs and non-comparable email quotes, receive a Station A proposal presentation with apples-to-apples bids on your project from our network of the top clean energy providers.