How do I bid on an RFP?

Sign up or log in to Station A to see all open RFPs, ask questions during the RFI period, and submit a proposal during the Submission period.

  1. First, sign up or log in to Station A to see all open RFPs in the Station A marketplace.
  2. When you click on an RFP, you’ll see three tabs: Timeline, Project, and Q&A. This is where you can familiarize yourself with project details and see how much time you have to submit RFIs, then your proposal. You can submit an RFI using the “Submit RFI” button. All answered questions will be posted in the Q&A tab.
  3. Be sure to download the disclosures using the “Download Disclosures” button to get all the project data you need to create a proposal.
  4. When the Submission Period is open (per the Timeline), you may use the “Submit Proposal” button to begin your proposal, which automatically saves as you work on it. You can submit the proposal when finished.
  5. Station A presents all proposals in an apples-to-apples format so the buyer can make an educated decision on the best provider for their needs. This apples-to-apples view to the buyer includes components like overall project experience, experience in the utility territory, mention of incentives, safety protocols, customer references, clear explanation of contingencies and assumptions, and more.