Who should be on my decision-making team?

ESG and sustainability is usually a pretty new function to most organizations. We recommend building and involving your dream green team as early as possible.

Your internal project team will typically have two branches, the decision-making branch, and the implementation branch. The implementation branch is responsible for collecting and presenting all the information about the project logistics and finances to the decision-making team so that they can confidently weigh the impact on the business and approve the project. 

Decision-making Team

  • C-suite
  • Sustainability
  • Finance & legal
  • Building owners or tenants
  • Fund owners (for REITs)

Main responsibilities

  • Determine project goals
  • Outline project approval process
  • Sign contracts
  • Remit payment (when necessary)

Implementation Team

  • Sustainability
  • Facilities management
  • Tenant

Main responsibilities

  • Gather onsite data
  • Clarify any implementation requirements
  • Move project forward