What are the benefits for a buyer in listing a project in the Station A marketplace?

Station A streamlines the clean energy procurement process saving buyers time and money.

Today, the typical matching process for sourcing clean energy projects requires filling out long data requests from multiple providers who provide a variety of services from installation to hardware to financing. This often results in terminology that can be confusing and proposals that aren't easy to compare with each other.

Station A aims to be an efficient one-stop shop for buying a clean energy project. Requesting detailed quotes on the Station A marketplace is as easy as filling out one long form* (much like one might do for a home mortgage) and taps our trusted and qualified provider network to provide competitive bids for any requests from installation to hardware to financing all in one place.

Station A will help you compare and understand different proposals and provide any clarity you need as you finalize terms with your preferred provider.

*Station A works with buyers to get as many details upfront to avoid change orders later in the installation process and to get more accurate bids from providers who base their bids on all available information.