How is the status-quo process for building a renewable energy project broken?

The status-quo process for buying a renewable energy project is painful because it remains a highly manual, complex transaction completing with other business priorities.

In the status-quo process, 55% of the total price of a renewable energy project is non-hardware-related soft costs.

The status-quo process requires lots of highly-manual upfront research to understand the renewable energy options for your building or portfolio. You then must engage multiple providers to get bids or hire a consultant. The resulting outcome is varying data checklists, timelines, long email threads and proposals that contain different assumptions and financial contingencies.

Renewable Energy Buyers that come to us frustrated with their previous experiences often site these issues with the process:

  • "It was time-consuming and expensive to understand the financial and environmental opportunity of switching my buildings to renewable energy."

  • "It was hard to find the right provider to do the project and feel confident we were getting the best price."
  • "It was hard to understand and compare the proposals from providers."
  • "This is not my full-time job so it was hard to prioritize this work over my core responsibilities." 

Station A's modernized process

  • Instantly see if clean energy = financial returns at any building with our free clean energy grades, and then view a reliable list of the system and financing options available to you.
  • Use our online marketplace to source competitive, apples-to-apples bids from a network of top providers.